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Ghost-Writing Services

I provide ghost-writing services, creating quality film and television screenplays. The fee for this service is $1495.* 

For a limited time, one (1) rewrite is included at no additional charge.

One-third (33% or $495) of the fee is payable to start (PayPal payments may be sent to Three-five business days later (longer if your materials are over 30,000 words), I’ll forward you a script outline (5-10 pages) for your approval. Once you approve the outline, an additional payment (1/3 or 33%) is due. When I’ve received the second payment, I’ll begin writing the script. Depending on how busy I am, the complete script will be ready fifteen to 20 business days later. If you’re operating on a short timeframe, please let me know in advance, and I’ll consider committing to a tighter schedule.

Rewrite - $500: you may provide me your rewrite notes (up 10,000 words) within thirty (30) days of my delivery to you of the first-draft completed script. The rewrite will be completed and delivered to you within five-ten business days later (longer for extensive notes or substantial structural changes). Until 5/31/15, there is no charge for the rewrite.

Please note I do not read manuscripts, novels, books, screenplays, etc. prior to being engaged and receiving the first payment. My complimentary evaluation and review of materials is limited to 2000 words. After I’m engaged, I’ll read your book or other materials (up to 300,000 words) in order to prepare the outline.

You can pay by check, wire transfer (with a $15 additional fee) or PayPal (username:; please add 3% for PayPal fees), including American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard.

I look forward to learning more about your project.

Jeffery C. Foy, Esq.
Attorney at Law**

* This offer valid until 5/31/15.

**Admitted to practice in California and Texas
California State Bar Profile
Texas State Bar Profile

Courtyard District, West Hollywood, California
Museum District, Houston, Texas – By Appointment Only

Important Notes and Disclaimers:
  • Additional compensation to the Ghost-Writer is contingent upon successful acquisition of production financing, and is calculated with reference to the WGA minimums (currently, the additional compensation to the Ghost Writer is 0.5 of the applicable WGA minimum or 2% of the budget, whichever is less). A detailed outline, treatment, manuscript, or first draft screenplay is required to receive the rate quoted above; the quoted rate may not be available for research intensive projects.  
  • This communication is not an offer to provide legal services; no attorney-client relationship will be created absent an express written agreement. 
  • Note: all fees are earned upon receipt and nonrefundable.
  • Additional Services such as archetypal analysis, structural analysis, scene design & composition evaluation, and pitch/submission, are available for additional fees; please inquire about charges.  

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